Becoming a Team Player, and Thinking Like a Golf Pro with Shaw Pritchett

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In this episode, Steve Atkinson and Shaw Pritchett of Jackson Thornton Asset Management discuss how Shaw made the leap from accounting to wealth management, how he encourages clients to set big financial goals, building a business despite the pandemic, and what professional golf has taught Shaw about communicating with clients and planning ahead.

Shaw Pritchett spent 20 years as a tax accountant at Jackson Thornton, before transitioning to the asset management side of the business in 2015. Now in his eighth year as a holistic wealth advisor, Shaw has added “navigating a global crisis” to his resume.

In 2020, even as a pandemic sent the world spinning, Shaw kept his team calm and focused, accommodating their needs, and continuing to grow Jackson Thornton despite it all. Shaw attributes his success to personal growth as an advisor and the patience he learned playing professional golf.

“You really gotta get it to where you can relate on a client’s level and you want them to get through a meeting, get through an encounter, understanding what you’re saying. And I think in a lot of cases, stories and other ways to relate information to people other than just cold hard data and facts is probably a better way to go.” ~ Shaw Pritchett


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