How Advisors Can Be the Calm in the Storm

Imagine facing a financial hurricane with your clients. The market is spiraling in the wrong direction, sending chills down their spine. To your clients, fear whispers “sell everything,” but you stay grounded, a steady hand on the tiller. Why? Because you are driven by evidence, and you’ve been here before.

The secret weapon you possess isn’t some fancy algorithm or crystal ball. It’s the wisdom of the ancient Stoics. These Greek philosophers stumbled upon a truth as relevant today as ever: Real success hinges on how you respond to life’s storms, not what the storms themselves throw at you. Investing in the stock market is no different.

Here are some steps you can take to help your clients reach an apex of peace during their investment journey:

Learn how to anticipate your emotions

Have you ever feared a dentist appointment, the anxiety building for days? Instead of dreading the visit, Stoics would instead actually visualize the pain, the drilling sounds, the whole experience. Crazy, right? But here’s the twist  ̶  by mentally rehearsing the discomfort, they took away its power to surprise and overwhelm them.

The same practices can benefit your clients. As an advisor, you know the market will inevitably see turbulence. So don’t sugarcoat the truth. Have those tough conversations upfront, helping your clients feel the potential dips before they happen. By preparing them for the rollercoaster, you equip them to ride it out calmly beside you.

Invest in knowledge, not just assets

While most clients don’t need to be market wizards, they deserve to understand the journey. You become their guide, explaining why their portfolio is a carefully designed vehicle for their financial goals. This upfront investment of your time pays dividends later, saving you both headaches and strengthening your bond.

Embrace the ride, not the fear

Some advisors promise a smooth, risk-free investment ride. Spoiler alert: That doesn’t exist! Instead, you honestly educate your clients about risk, not as a monster to avoid, but as a natural part of the investment landscape. You equip them with the knowledge (the helmet and seatbelt) to navigate the bumps with confidence.

Leverage the power of humility and facts

Here’s the beautiful part: Your approach is built on a foundation of facts and data, not hunches or hype. You don’t pretend to be smarter than the market; you guide your clients with the calm confidence that comes from making decisions based on evidence. This honesty sets you apart from the crowd.

In a world of flashy promises, there’s something refreshing about an advisor who admits they can’t control the market but can empower their clients to navigate it. That’s the Stoic way, and that’s the evidence-driven way.

At Buckingham, we are dedicated to helping our advisors and their clients stay calm in the storm. Learn how our personalized support, investment approach and deep comprehensive services can benefit both you and your clients by scheduling an appointment with a Buckingham divisional manager.

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