Planning for Growth

Planning for Growth Webcast Replay

Enjoy a recap of our webcast, Planning for Growth, where we delve into the ways Buckingham can free up an advisor’s valuable time to nurture their clients.  

Chief Planning Officer and industry thought leader, Jeffrey Levine can attest to Buckingham’s unique approach to holistic planning. As an owner of a highly successful RIA, Jeffrey could have partnered with anyone, but he chose Buckingham. He explains how his values tied into the mission of Buckingham so tightly, he moved his family from New York to St. Louis. We also discussed the benefits of our evidence-driven ideology, the characteristics of our perfect advisor, our menu of unique solutions and services and his commitment to supporting advisors like you.  

Learn more about how Buckingham can help you devote more attention to your clients and less time to mid- and back-office tasks then reach out to schedule an exploratory conversation. 

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