Starting Early, Famous Frameworks, and Finding Big Rocks with Jim Crider

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Do you ever wish you could have a financial do-over? Jim Crider spent the first few years of his career speaking to clients and wishing he could turn back their financial clocks. After all, just a few poor decisions early in life can derail a meaningful retirement and leave you racing to the finish line.

While many advisors gravitate toward clients who’ve accumulated a substantial nest egg, Jim has done something different. And when you specialize, your services are all the more valuable.

Besides a bold choice in clientele, Jim launched his business mid-pandemic and just three weeks before the birth of his third child. Navigating remote relationships and year one as a business owner has certainly been challenging, but Jim’s success can be attributed to the same skillset he provides clients: planning.

In this episode, Jim talks with Steve about his refreshing ideas on frameworks, the tools he uses to deliver a superior client experience, how he launched a successful practice mid-pandemic, and how he discovers what’s really important to clients while reminding them of those values every step of the way.

“My job is to understand and help people get very articulate of what’s important in life. And I simply come alongside and help them use their money in the most efficient and effective way to help them serve that purpose. It’s that simple.” ~ Jim Crider


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