The Power of Conviction, Vulnerability, and Delegation with Matt Miller

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Much thought and discussion go into the right way to do things in financial services. But what is the right way? While every financial advisor has their methodologies, processes, and systems, successful financial advisors share things in common. They are passionate about their work, have a deep conviction that they are making a difference in their clients’ lives, and are vulnerable with their clients, sharing their own stories and experiences in a way that builds trust.

“As I begin to see the power of relationships, I see those things that I thought were my biggest weakness could be my biggest strength if I embraced them.” ~ Matt Miller

In today’s episode, Steve talks with Matt Miller, Regional Director at Buckingham Strategic Partners. Before joining Buckingham, Matt worked as an Associate Regional Director for Dimensional Fund Advisors. At Buckingham, Matt manages the Associate Regional Director’s team, which serves advisors, start-ups, and clients interested in partnering with the company.

Matt talks with Steve about his life and business experiences, how conviction usually leads to vulnerability, and how vulnerability plays an important role in creating strong relationships with clients.


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