Bringing Faith, Values, and Stewardship to Financial Planning

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When most people think about their financial future, their first thoughts are about numbers and investments. However, financial planning is about so much more than just money. It’s about living with your core values and purpose and making choices and decisions that align with your goals, ethics, and beliefs.

“One thing that people have a challenge with when they think of transitioning from working and creating a paycheck to the next season of their life is how they recreate income and being thoughtful around their legacy.”

In this episode, Steve talks with Nathan Fulks and Samuel Dye, Managing Partners and Stewardship Coaches at Family Wealth Partners. In their roles, Nathan and Samuel serve individuals, families, and business owners through comprehensive, values-based financial planning. At Family Wealth Partners, they call themselves Stewardship Coaches instead of Financial Advisors to demonstrate that the role they play goes beyond simply financial decisions.

As the second-generation owners of Family Wealth Partners, Nathan and Samuel talk with Steve about their team structure and how important it is for the founding partner to bring and help them pass the trust of the clients and the entire team. As young advisors, they also speak about why they call themselves stewardship coaches instead of financial advisors and the importance of finding your style in engaging clients and resisting the temptation of trying to be like someone else.


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