Leading From the Bottom Up and Managing Relationships Amidst Growth

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Lessons from a strong leader apply to every managerial role. Whether you oversee employees, advisors, clients, or whomever, the principles of management are universal. Wendy Hartman, President of Buckingham Strategic Wealth, is no stranger to practicing what she preaches, applying the same leadership and communication skills to her advisors as she expects advisors to do for their clients.

Before she led advisors through client relationships, Wendy was establishing relationships of her own. Eventually, after time spent as a credit analyst and a Master’s Degree in Finance, those relationships landed her a role in wealth management. There, Wendy worked hands-on with clients for the first time, learning to serve clients well and truly understanding the importance of being a fiduciary. That time spent with clients and career-long friendships also introduced Wendy to Buckingham.

In this episode, Wendy talks with Steve about the value of friendship, how Wendy’s relationship framework guides her philosophy on managing teams and clients through periods of growth, how to build and maintain a positive work culture, invaluable strategies for avoiding conflict, and the one career lesson Wendy wishes she’d learned earlier.


[06:17] – “Throughout all of the different positions I’ve held, it’s always been a focus on the clients and serving clients well, and I would just really credit all of those different experiences to really being able to then connect with all the clients I’ve served over the years.” ~ Wendy Hartman

[13:35] – “When everyone is part of what the growth is, what is being communicated, and they feel a part of it, we’re able to achieve really amazing things together.” ~ Wendy Hartman

[24:17] – “The wealth advisor in particular, it has to be a strong leadership mindset and that people will want to follow you. And what I mean by that is, clients will work with our advisors because of who our advisors are.” ~ Wendy Hartman



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