Simplifying Structure and Building a Family Office

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Rarely is one’s career path a straight line. In most cases, an unlikely side step corrects our path forward. Alfredo Mesa’s journey is no exception. When Alfredo graduated with a degree in finance, his only options were brokerage firms, insurance companies, and banks. Missing that element of intimate financial planning, Alfredo turned to entrepreneurship and, eventually, real estate. Then one day, Alfredo sold property to a CPA who suggested he consider RIAs if financial planning was his end goal. The rest is history.

Today, Alfredo runs Mesa Financial Group, adhering to the Dan Goldie method of simplifying everything. He’s a team of one who believes in building relationships with clients as they’re building their wealth while fostering relationships with CPAs and attorneys. Beyond business partners, Alfredo favors managing clients over managing employees. So although he’s the only captain at his ship’s wheel, Alfredo’s found a system that allows him to remain engaged with a growing roster of clients.

In this episode, Alfredo talks with Steve about his method for doing it all while finding time for his clients, his perspective on staying flexible for both clients and himself, and the strong convictions behind his “why”.

“One of the things that I constantly work hard on is: I try to simplify my practice as much as possible. And to some extent, I carry that with our clients. Let’s not complicate your planning, let’s not complicate your investments any more than we need to.” ~ Alfredo Mesa


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